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As a small, community preschool we have 3 permanent members of staff and we employ consistent relief staff as required. Below is some information about our permanent members of staff, Lisa Davison, Erica Beesley and Leonie Bull.

Our Staff

Lisa Davison

Lisa Davison is our Director, Pre-school teacher, Nominated Supervisor and Educational Leader.

Lisa has a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Specialisation) Degree and a Current First Aid Certificate.


Lisa has been here at Glenreagh Preschool for 9 years and has over 20 years experience in the industry.


Lisa believes "that children learn at their own pace through a stimulating play program to reach their full potential. Children learn through social situations and fun, enriching play experiences. I believe that the environment is the child's third teacher. Children learn through play in a stimulating environment both indoors and outdoors." Lisa believes in Vygotsky's teaching technique, scaffolding and in Bronfenbrenner's theory that all systems affect a child's learning and development. Lisa believes that children begin learning literacy and numeracy at a young age through everyday experiences.

Erica Beesley

Erica Beesley is our Preschool Educator and Certified Supervisor.

Erica has a Diploma in Community Services, Child Care and a Current First Aid Certificate.


Erica has been here at Glenreagh Preschool for 20 years.


Erica believes that "the early years of children's lives are critical when it comes to their development. I believe a child's environment must be loving, constant and secure, to allow them to feel comfortable and be able to form secure attachments with their carers." Erica strives to provide a safe, loving, fun and educational environment for all children in her care in accordance with Glenreagh Preschool's Philosophy. Erica desires to assist children to meet their fullest potential in which they grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially at their individual, unique pace. Erica agrees with Vygotsky's theory that children give cues about their readiness to learn new skills with assistance, through play. Erica agrees with Karl Gools'statement that "play is a way of preparing for survival in the world" and Maria Montessori who said "play is the child's work".

Leonie Bull

Leonie is our Administrator/book keeper and works for our preschool one day per week on Thursdays. She is always happy to answer any questions that you may have.


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